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Courses and workshops about Ostheopaty, chiropractic, chiromassage, Massage therapy… The massage is one of the oldest forms of medicine, from times before Hippocrates and helps people achieving better and maintaining healthy lifestyles is possible through manual treatment, stretching and the possibility of acting on injury prevention.


Continuing education courses aimed at expert students or beginners, be it naturopathic doctor, spa professional, aromatherapist, homeopath, iridologist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, sports masseuse, herbalist, traditional naturopath, nutritionist, holistic nurse, chiropractor, doctor, doctor Osteopath … Our teachers are experts from more than 30 countries.


The ESPS “flipped classroom” learning system is an instructional educational strategy and a dynamic type of learning that is combined and focused on student engagement. We improve teaching active learning for our students. The flipped classroom system provides the instructor with a better opportunity to deal with mixed levels, student difficulties, and diverse learning styles.

At ESPS for more than 15 years, we firmly feel that education must be delivered with passion, the ESPS student thrives in an environment of continuous support, inspiring study material, with a good structure and the opportunity to carry out quality training and academic and scientific seriousness based on neurolearning. The enjoyment experienced in our classes over the past 15 years contributes to a continuous learning experience for everyone personally and professionally.

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